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I will not forget them, said Jorworth; but if thou keep not faith with us- So speaking, he left the apartment with a gesture of menace, partly really directed to Wilkin himself, partly assumed in consequence of his advice. Flammock replied in English, as if that all around might understand, what he said, Do thy worst, Sir Welshman. I am a true man; I defy the proposals of rendition, and will hold out this castle to thy shame and thy masters!-Here-let him be blindfolded once more, and returned in safety advogados de mg his attendants without; the next Welshman who appears before the gate of the Garde Doloureuse, shall be more sharply received. The Welshman was blindfolded and withdrawn, when, as Wilkin Flammock himself left the advogados de mg, one of the seeming men-at-arms, who had been present at this interview, said in his ear, in English, Thou art a false traitor, Flammock, and shalt die a traitors death. Startled at this, the Fleming would have questioned the man farther, but he had disappeared so soon as the words were uttered. Flammock was disconcerted by this circumstance, which showed him that his interview with Jorworth had been observed, and its purpose known or conjectured, by some one who was a stranger to his confidence, and might thwart his intentions; and he quickly after learned that this was the case. The daughter of the advogados de mg Raymond had descended from the elevated station whence she had beheld the field of battle, in the agony of grief natural to a child advogados de mg eyes have beheld the death of an honoured and beloved father.
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